FICA rallies economic goals and consular cooperation. We work to promote and structure public and private sectors in Africa and for inclusive & sustainable development, of trade relations between Africa and the rest of the world.


From a platform and administrative structure, financial, logistic and cooperative.


Preparatory work and building foundations of support structure through FICA.



Develop an inventory system via a structured and participatory audit of all administrative units of each African Member State affiliated to FICA:



▪           Assess the level of intervention required and the real capabilities of each partner;

▪           Analyze the "field of possibilities", the intervention required; find and draw the decision tree/DecisionMaking Framework “DMF” in the various feasible options.

▪           Adapt and calibrate the level/degree of involvement, intervention and third-party advisory needs/partners to providing solutions and consistent responses, and/or elaborating contingencies in line with the actual/real needs of any given Member State/Country.

▪           Cross the inventory with a country audit; Confront consistency between macro and micro economic approach, measure the gap between the inventory/audit, demand and the “real” need of any given Member State/Country.