H.E Madame Virginie TICHA

Mrs. Virginia Ticha is an expert in good governance, development policy, management and planning of sustainable projects. An expert role in terms of the preparation, monitoring, and evaluation of good governance interventions (projects, programs industry-wide or sectoral budget support), focused in the first instance, on the South-South and Triangular Cooperation. In addition an expert in Financial Good Gouvernance.

Strongly believes in the promotion and quality control formulations as a project manager within the formulation teams in an ad hoc manner:

• Establishing a synergy and consistency with similar interventions in international organizations;

• Guarantee the respect of the timing of the formulation;

• Guarantee the course of the formulation in accordance with the methods, standards, concepts and 'good practices' appropriate, and its consideration of the international orientation and sectoral policy adopted by the requesting country.


H.E Madame Virginie TICHA

President Of  FICA

International Federation Of African Consulars Chambers
"Economic Diplomacy"



Training in Sign Language Skills training as a Teacher: School Kids preparation; Learning/Reading by phonics for 4 years old, adaptability school for mentally disabled and autistic children Location: Centre SERAC (Paris 08) Languages




English and French

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