The African Women and Entrepreneur’s are an integral part of International Federation of Consular Chambers Growth Strategy, which calls for balanced, inclusive, sustainable, innovative and secure growth. In particular, the Growth Strategy underscores that the enhancement of women’s and entrepreneur’s access to education, training, technology, and finance is an essential component for ensuring the future economic prosperity of the African continent. Ask African Leaders to champion women’s & entrepreneur’s participation in the workforce, in particular by promoting entrepreneurship, and greater leadership for women and entrepreneur’s in business and government throughout the continent.

To help achieve this economic growth and business creation, the chamber has organized this summit to facilitate information exchange and to establish a set of best practices among women business leaders and entrepreneurs from Africa and its diaspora.

The participants will share ideas, identify best practices to address obstacles to entrepreneurship, establish a comprehensive networking portal, and pledge to meet again under the chamber auspices to assess progress and further this initiative.