In the organization, and more broadly in the social benefit sector, there are no shareholders. The concept of good governance is not irrelevant either, quite to the contrary; if there are no shareholders, there are many involved, interested and affected parties at different levels as defined by the activities & membership of FICA, such as organization, local competent authority, beneficiary Member States, investors/promoters, the staff, & many more thus we speak of stakeholders "founding members”.


It is also, and above all, a social object. Thinking about good governance in social organizations, is to think about how decisions are made, rules, procedures of operation/functioning of the various bodies, parties involved in international acts & decisions, spread of information & respective/individual responsibilities towards the achievement social aim & goals. Some thus define good governance as "a management style that leads to expected social and economic outcomes stakeholders", defining projects successfully executed & meet both immediate as also inclusive & sustainable development needs.