Revenue Model


Main Focus Activities

Financial structure for sustainable and inclusive development in Africa.Following Agenda 2063 of African Union & Agenda 2030 for United Nations of Africa

The strategy orientation of FICA consists of several major axes of development in the African Continent:

▪           Promote inclusive &sustainable industrial development in Africa

▪           Propose & follow-up of a quality and secure investment in Africa

▪           Contribute to make the markets more accessible to medium & small size entrepreneurs & to re-enforce capacity building and competitiveness,

▪           Foster the transfer of skills in areas such as technical, project management, procurement & negotiation, Operational/manufacturing, financial/economic, (MDG 8)

▪           Good governance

Making this possible

▪           With the support of the international community

▪           Through memberships& affiliation of African states to FICA.

By coordinated expert advisory role & project-structuring tools engineered by our financial partners,

By strengthening PPP activities on the continent