FICA (International Federation of Consular Chambers for Africa) is founded on this very premise with a sole motto to encourage private investment in PPP model in Africa.


AU (African Union) and PAP (Pan African Parliament) have been undertaking a lot of work to achieve the objectives to capacity building, skill development and sustained economic development for the Africa Continent. There has been a lot of progress leading to tangible results through these sustained efforts put in by the African Union in the last past years.


These efforts now need to be complemented by the creation of jobs leading to economic development.

It is here, FICA (International Federation of Consular Chambers for Africa) comes as IMPLEMENTING PARTNER with African Union and Pan African Parliament.


FICA  brings a new concept, a new approach and a new intervention for achieving the goals of sustained economic development for Africa by encouraging and boosting private sector investment.


To foster international investment, there is a strong need to develop the local industry, local chambers, and banking. FICA, therefore, works as a focal point to involve with the Governments, local industry and banks for the creation of best partnerships with international partners.


One of the core objectives of FICA is to create good financial governance in Africa to boost international investment. The investors look at the basics of every country and its economy in terms of:


  1. Peace and Security

  2. Financing and Insurance

  3. Economy and Trade Development

  4. Women/Youth Skills Capacities and Employment

  5. Human Right Affairs and Good Governance

  6. Research and Technology Promotion

  7. Natural Resources Development & Strategy

  8. Nature Preservation & Climate Change

  9. Agriculture Development

  10. Livestock/Fisheries Development

  11. Infrastructures Development

  12.  Culture and Transmission


The AU and PAP are already working on (i) through (ii) objectives. FICA will compliment these efforts by focussing in (iii) and (v) objectives for PPP.