Expanding its work with local financial institutions to adapt or design new agricultural finance products for smallholders, women and youth in Africa. Setting up agro-based small scale projects for building entrepreneurship, skill development, self-dependency thereby resulting in rural socio-economic development through BOTTOM UP approach :

  •  Testing and scaling up agricultural finance products and inclusive agribusiness models developed by financial institutions and value chains actors.

  • Scaling up use of mobile banking and ICT to leverage finance for all actors along agricultural value chains.

  • Facilitating public-private platforms to set up small scale agro based projects and to promote policies conducive of better access to finance for smallholder farmers in Africa.

  • Developing the capacity of financial institutions and producer organizations to apply agricultural risk management models and promote financial literacy among members of producer organizations, associations of women and youth

  •  Providing support to improve coordination among public and private stakeholders in the implementation of common agribusiness investment promotion strategies at regional levels

  • Supporting countries in enhancing synergies between financial risk management instruments and social protection for farm and non farm rural populations.